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Dear Miss Garland

Dear Miss Garland (2009 and 2012)

Greater Boston Stage Company

(formerly Stoneham  Theatre)

Written by: Kathy St. George and Scott Edmiston

Direction: Scott Edmiston

Choreography: Ilyse Robbins

Musical direction: Jim Rice

Set design: Janie Howland

Lighting design: Karen Perlow

Sound design: John Stone

Costume design:

Charles Schoonmaker

Photo credits: David Costa

"Ilyse Robbins's choreography evokes Garland's original work without copying it gesture for gesture." - Louise Kennedy, The Boston Globe

"With great assist from choreographer Ilyse Robbins, costume designer Charles Schoonmaker and Karen Perlow's outstanding lighting design, Kathy St. George's intelligent, precise work is not an imitation of Garland: it's a loving tribute to a great talent." - Kay Bourne, Arts Review

"Singing with restraint but still conveying a lot of emotion, St. George delivers a melancholy "Me and My Shadow," featuring some subtle period choreography from Ilyse Robbins." - Jennifer Bubriski, Edge Media Network

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