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Since 2011, I have been training and coaching corporate, academic, and private clients in the art of presenting individually and on teams, in person and virtually. I lead presentation skills demonstrations and workshops for individuals and groups in person, via videoconference, and over the phone. I coach adults and teens privately for interview/audition preparation, as well as to build confidence for speaking in front of others. In high schools and universities, I teach courses on public speaking and the basics of presentation. 


I specialize in coaching team presentations. As a working, award-winning theatrical director, I know how to motivate and orchestrate ensembles. I use this background when working with teams to present as a cohesive and coherent whole while focusing on and highlighting each individual. Working with Mohr Collaborative, I have coached more than 100 teams to pitch their innovative ideas to the senior executives of their firms.  

For times that you may need more than one of me, I work with Ovation. Feel free to contact the great team that I work with there and request me as one of your trainers!


"Traditional presentation training often leads the speaker to a robotic approach, with a lot of rules to follow. Ilyse realizes that any presentation, whether to a small group or a large audience, is actually a performance... and a chance to draw the group into your story. She carefully adapts this to your personality so you feel like your best authentic self in delivery, and her positive energy is infectious!" 

Holly Harrison, Managing Director, PNC Capital Advisors


Participant in a Mohr Collaborative innovation and leadership development program

"Ilyse was a high energy, experienced, and motivating speaker. She taught the team some great tips and tricks for presenting, which I still leverage today and often. With Ilyse’s coaching and tips, I built the confidence to present in an auditorium setting, in front of an executive panel, and with no notes. This is the first time I had such an experience and it was invigorating, thanks to Ilyse."

Era Ziroe, SVP, PNC Credit Card Customer Experience, Retail Lending

Participant in a Mohr Collaborative innovation and leadership development program

"...all your suggestions for speaking in a group have been very helpful.  I have had a few opportunities (probably 4 or 5) to speak in large groups, either when I knew in advance or when it was a surprise, and I did not have a panic attack.  Even though I may have been nervous, I managed to hide it. Of all the things that resonated with me, I think the one that stuck was realizing that many people dislike public speaking as much as I do. Thank you so much!"  

Lyn S.

Private Client

"AMAZING! I was nervous but prepared. Your advice was so incredibly helpful.” - Regarding her TEDx talk seen below!

Jodi D., Managing Partner, Orange Grove Consulting

Originally contracted through Ovation

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