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About 15 years ago, I had an idea for a book while putting my oldest to bed. It took a pandemic for me to write it down.


Stay tuned for more information about The Face in the Mirror! In the mean-time, here's a teaser.

Sixteen-year-old Anna never asked to move to the cold, snowy East Coast where the only two people she knows other than her Mom are her grandparents. Alone in the musty old attic, she finds an old, ornate mirror. But when she stares into it, she realizes that it isn’t her reflection staring back. In the reflection, Anna meets those who lived in the house before her: rule-following 13-year old Annie from the 1920s, handsome Army-bound Tom from the 1940s, and shrewd Shari, an African American girl stuck in a 1970s white world. But it’s daring, amazing Jenny from the 1980s who quickly becomes Anna’s best friend, until she starts trying to escape the mirror to see the 21st century for herself.


THE FACE IN THE MIRROR is a Young Adult coming-of-age story that mixes realism and magic. Anna’s story speaks to girls everywhere who have felt out of place and dream of a magic answer – though sometimes magic isn’t actually the answer they need.
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