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Tongue of a Bird

Tongue of a Bird

New Repertory Theatre

Direction: Emily Ranii

Photo credit: Andrew Brilliant/Brilliant Pictures

"The five members of this cast, who represent four generations of mothers and daughters, each deliver distinct characters, with Ilyse Robbins and Bobbie Steinbach creating the most compelling portrayals. Robbins is Dessa, the mother of the missing girl and nearly unhinged by worry. Although she is aware of the inevitable outcome of the search, Robbins allows us to see her almost physically pushing the thought away. Robbins also makes Dessa quirky and feisty, and we sympathize with her imperfections even as she reveals how hard she worked to be a good mother and provide a safe home for her daughter." - Terry Byrne, The Boston Globe

"Robbins also embodied this strange and wonderful ability to be hyper-controlled and yet never dull. Even when Dessa finally begins to unravel in mourning, finally reveals the deep well of despair that she has been holding back, her anguished rage was infused with such dignity that it brought tears to my eyes." - Fabiana Cabral, My Entertainment World

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