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Lizzie: The Musical

Lizzie: The Musical

The Umbrella Stage Company


Ilyse Robbins

Music Direction: Lianne Bunting

Assistant Director:

Hannah Shihdanian

Set design: Erik Diaz

Lighting design:

SeifAllah Salotto-Cristobal

Sound design: James Cannon

Costume design: Bethany Mullins

Properties Design:

Sarajane Mullins

Production Stage Manager: Shauwna Dias Grillo

Photo credits: Jim Sabitus​

WBUR 15 theater productions to see this fall: "Award-winning director and choreographer Ilyse Robbins leads the Umbrella Stage production of “Lizzie” (through Nov. 5), a rock musical exploring the story of Lizzie Borden from a distinctly female perspective." - Terry Byrne


"The cast of four does great work. When it comes to the strength of their voices, there is no show playing right now that matches the powerhouse vocals of Temma Beaudreau, Liza Giangrande, Sophia Muharram, and Nora Sullivan. Also, there is no show playing right now that matches the incredibly air-tight musical direction of Lianne Bunting, who leads the rock band with admirable precision... "Lizzie" is sleek, stylish, and savvily staged by the great Ilyse Robbins." - Chris Ehlers, Edge Media Network

"Director Ilyse Robbins wrings three-dimensional performances out of this talented cast, and while there are no traditional dance numbers, Robbins’ prodigious choreography skills are on display as evidenced by the way the players move onstage, not to mention the nods to girl group synchronized dancing in some of the ensemble numbers." - Mike Hoban, Theater Mirror

"The performance itself, directed by Ilyse Robbins, brought the story to life...I found myself caught off guard by the sheer power, raw emotion, and empoweredness of some of the scenes." - Sasha Patkin, Universal Hub

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