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42nd Street
Greater Boston Stage Company
(formerly known as Stoneham)

Ilyse Robbins
Musical direction: Jim Rice
Set design: Kathryn Kawecki
Lighting design: Jeff Adelberg
Sound design: John Stone
Costume design: Rafael Jaen

IRNE Award for Best Choreography at a Small Theater, 2012

"IRNE Award-winning choreographer Ilyse Robbins makes her professional directorial debut and impresses with great staging of great dances. She creatively meets the challenge of space constraints, as well as scaled-down orchestra and ensemble." - Nancy Grossman,

"Praise must also go to music Director and Pianist Jim Rice and his splendid on stage trio and also to Ilyse Robbins’ firmly concentrated direction together with her lively choreography" - Norm Gross, PMP

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