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SpeakEasy Stage Company

Direction: Paul Melone

Choreography: Ilyse Robbins

Musical direction:

Steven Ladd Jones

Set design: Eric Levenson

Lighting design: Karen Perlow

Sound design: Andrew Will

Costume design: 

Rachel Padula-Shufelt

Photo credits:

Maggie Hall Photography

Elliot Norton Award Nominee: Outstanding Choreography 2019

Elliot Norton Award Nominee: Outstanding Musical Production 2019

"Ilyse Robbins has devised boldly distinctive choreography that brings the stage to flowing life." - Don Aucoin, The Boston Globe

"The ensemble is filled with strong musicians, their disciplined voices blending like aged whisky. The accomplished creative team — director Paul Melone, music director Steven Ladd Jones, and choreographer Ilyse Robbins — bring a lively rhythm to the proceedings. This staging knows when to sit quietly and when to explode into song — and how to make the most of the  show’s nuances." - David Greenham, the arts fuse

"Ilyse Robbins' choreography is organic, perfectly suited to the music and the down to earth nature of the production." - Nance Grossman,

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