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Shakespeare in Hollywood

Shakespeare in Hollywood

Lyric Stage Company of Boston

Direction: Spiro Veloudos

Choreography: Ilyse Robbins

Photo credits: Spiro Veloudos  

"Ilyse Robbins doubled as Choreographer and infused her own portrayal of Puck with a swirling joie de vivre." - Nancy Grossman,

"Lyric's first rate cast is very likable, with Christopher Chew revealing his
Shakespearean side as Oberon and Ilyse Robbins joyfully cavorting as Puck." - Will Stackman,

"Director Spiro Veloudos has assembled an able cast that seems to
effortlessly extract every laugh possible. Christopher Chew makes a
dignified and occasionally befuddled Oberon, and an excitable Ilyse
Robbins is a kinetic onstage presence as sidekick Puck." - Sally Cragin, The Boston Globe

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