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Sweet Charity

Sweet Charity

Greater Boston Stage Company

(formerly Stoneham Theatre)


Ilyse Robbins

Musical direction: Bethany Aiken

Set design: Jon Savage

Lighting design:

Frank Meissner, Jr.

Sound design: John Stone

Costume design: Tyler Kinney

Photo credits: Nile Hawver/Nile Scott Shots

"Ilyse Robbins has done it again. Her production of “Sweet Charity” at Stoneham Theatre wears its heart on its sleeve — with spectacular results." - Terry Byrne, The Boston Globe

"While paying homage to the 1966 original staging and Tony Award-winning choreography by Fosse, Robbins puts her artistic stamp on the show, making it feel current and using the considerable dance talents of her ensemble." - Nancy Grossman,


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