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Comedy of Errors

Comedy of Errors

Lyric Stage Company of Boston

Direction: Spiro Veloudos

Original music: Steven Bergman 

Set design: Janie F. Howland

Lighting design:

Christopher Ostrom

Costume design: Tony Bratton

"But the Chaplin-esque shenanigans of Peter A. Carey and Ilyse Robbins

work well for the Dromios; a great deal of what they do — cane

twirling, funny-walking, and giggly nodding — is adorable and

appropriate. They also, because of the distinctive Little Tramp suits,

are viably interchangeable (Carey has a heavier eyebrow and is sexually

bolder than Robbins's nervous, insouciant Charlie)." - Carolyn Clay, The Boston Phoenix

"The illusion is uncanny. They have managed to put the style, stance,

gestures, inflections, timing and facial twitches of those old stars on

stage without sacrificing the bouyant unreality of their age. And they

do it twice. It's one thing to see Peter A. Carey's Dromio dance and

flutter about as Chaplin's tramp; it's another to see Ilyse Robbins

match him, detail for detail." - Larry Stark, Theatre Mirror

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