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And the World Goes 'Round

And the World Goes 'Round

New Repertory Theatre


Ilyse Robbins

Musical direction:

Todd C. Gordon

Set design: Erik Diaz

Lighting design: Deb Sullivan

Costume design: 

Deirdre McCabe Gerrard

Photo credits: Andrew Brilliant/Brilliant Pictures

"When all is said and done, however, the success of this production rests squarely on the shoulders of Director and Choreographer Ilyse Robbins (with an occasional homage to Bob Fosse). Without her consistently fluid overall approach, as well as her countless amazing little touches, this could easily have been a flat and dispassionate bunching of disjointed star turns. It’s hard to believe that this is only her second professional directing effort, much less that, according to the background information from New Rep‘s website, she accomplished this with just two weeks of rehearsal. Thanks to her vision and the talents of this impressive cast, the sweat never shows, but the heat sure as hell does." - Jack Craib, "Backstage" review

"Ilyse Robbins paces the show well, knowing when to liven it up with choreography utilizing the whole stage and when to let the actors sit still and put their voices and expressions at the service of Ebb’s moving and witty lyrics." - Alyssa Hall, The Fuse

"Ilyse Robbins makes her New Rep directorial debut and also choreographs, with assistant choreographer Maurice E. Parent. One would expect a musical directed by a choreographer to contain interesting stage movement and artistic dancing, and Robbins succeeds in making the show visually dynamic." - Nancy Grossman,

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