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The Wild Party

The Wild Party

New Repertory Theatre

Direction: Rick Lombardo

Choreography: Kelli Edwards

Musical direction:

Todd C. Gordon

Photo Credit: Andrew Brilliant/Brilliant Pictures 

IRNE Award: Best Ensemble, 2007

"Ilyse Robbins and Jake Mosser are touching as the bruised boxer and his protective lady love." - Beverly Creasy, The Theater Mirror

"So, enjoy the killer performances in parts both leading (Johnson) and supporting (Barrett, Jake Mosser as pugilist Eddie and Ilyse Robbins as diminutive firecracker Mae)." - Jennifer Bubriski, Edge Boston

"The supporting cast, obscenely talented and bursting with energy, also delivers the goods... Jake Mosser as the punch drunk boxer Eddie and Ilyse Robbins as his love struck kewpie Mae mix it up in the delightful
vaudeville romp, “Two of a Kind.”" - Jan Nargi,

"I think I counted about fifteen spectacularly flying lifts done by Ilyse Robbins alone. She and Betsy Adkins as Dance Captains each commanded a cohort of dancers, all grinning with the sheer joy of dance." - Larry Stark, The Theater Mirror

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