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All is Calm: The Christmas Truce of 1914

All is Calm: The Christmas Truce of 1914

Greater Boston Stage Company

(formerly Stoneham Theatre)


Ilyse Robbins

Music Direction: Matthew Stern

Set design: Erik D. Diaz

Lighting design: Jeff Adelberg

Sound design: Dewey Dellay

Costume design:

Bethany Mullins

Properties Design:

Steven Doucette

Photo credits: Nile Scott Studios​


Elliot Norton Award for Outstanding Musical Production, 2022

"The moods run the gamut of amused and joyful to ominous and haunting. Yet, under the stage direction of Ilyse Robbins with music direction by Matthew Stern, not one moment is wasted on stage and not one of the voices in this unusual collective falls short." - Kevin T. Baldwin, METRMag

"From the first note of the first song in the remarkably affecting ‘All Is Calm,’ the choreography chops of its director, Ilyse Robbins, are indisputably evident. Two lines of uniformed men, distinguishable by their country’s military dress, slowly march to the front of the stage as they sing the Scottish folk song, “Will Ye Go to Flanders?” They briefly merge, forming a united single line, before those in the back row return to their original and separate positions. This powerful prologue literally sets the stage and tone for the next intermission-less 70 minutes. We have entered a holy place of unity where a folksong can become a hymnal and where men have the power and ability to come together as one, even if it is merely for a fleeting moment." - Shelley A. Sacket, Theater Mirror/The Jewish Journal


"On stage, performed with song and brought to life by a likable cast and Ilyse Robbins' spirited direction, "All is Calm" is nothing less than a tonic, as well as an uplifting reminder of what human beings, social animals that we are, can do once we choose to move beyond antagonism, belligerence, and resentment." - Kilian Melloy, EDGE

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