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Swan Lake in Blue: A Jazz Ballet

Swan Lake in Blue:
A Jazz Ballet

Greater Boston Stage Company

(formerly Stoneham Theatre)

Created and Composed by Steve Bass


Ilyse Robbins

Musical direction: Steve Bass

Set design: Tori Oakes

Lighting design: Chris Fournier

Costume design: 

Kevin Morris Hutchins

Photo credits: Maggie Hall Photography

Elliot Norton Award for Outstanding Choreography, 2020

"Under the expert guidance of choreographer and director Ilyse Robbins, a cast of 13 dancers brings this story to life in a world premiere production at the Greater Boston Stage Company in Stoneham... Robbins blends joyous tap numbers with romantic pas de deux, not to mention a mambo, rhumba, and samba, as Siegfried (Andy McLeavey) falls for Odette and fights the mob boss Von Rothbart (David Visini) for her. In perfect step with Bass’s music, Robbins references some classic ballet moves without getting bogged down in re-creations." - Terry Byrne, The Boston Globe

"Ilyse Robbins has choreographed stunning and powerful numbers. With 21 pieces of choreography this had to be a daunting task, but Ms Robbins has scored a knockout. There isn’t a dull spot in the entire production... Steve Bass and Ilyse Robbins have created an original work that is being seen for the first time on the stage in Stoneham, but I believe this is something that will move on to other venues. This is no commodity musical. It is a marvelous piece that is destined to become part of musical theatre history. From top to bottom this is a first rate production, and you don’t want to miss it. Someday you’ll get to say you saw it when it premiered. You’ll also be saying “They really do write music and choreograph dancing the way they used to." - Bobby Franklin, Boxing Over Broadway  

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